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About me

Born in London in 1969, I went on to be comprehensively trained to O'level standard in “Art”.  This eventually culminated in the achievement of a prestigious B Grade for a work recommended by my art teacher which I called “boy and girl on a seesaw in pastel colour”– apparently examiners wouldn’t appreciate anything too original – better to be safe and take inspiration from Peter and Jane! 

Following on from this avant-garde work, career advisors recommended a job in Accountancy in order to hone my creative skills – better to be safe…

30 years later and here I am, doodling what I want, when I want but with the benefit of a finance background to calculate the huge losses this venture will no doubt involve.

My inspiration has always been my father, the greatest artist I know, who once told me “It’s not what you draw but what you don’t draw that counts”. I remember these words daily.

Make time for children to experiment with art at home and school, but more importantly, allow them to do it without inhibitions, preconceptions or rules.  They too will learn to love the act of creation as I do; every mark, from the head and the heart, on a page or screen is a thing of beauty to someone, even if only yourself.  It’s never too late to start and it’s not better to be safe!

I hope you enjoy my site and would welcome any feedback or recommended subject matter (as long as is not Peter or Jane).

“I draw because it is important” – Quentin Blake

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